Hi everyone, First, I want apologise for my absent, it has been more than half a year since a didn't post anything year, but this couple month they have been a really challenge and I wasn't with a "moon" to come and post. I think sometimes you just need time to understand what you want… Continue reading Books


My favourite books

Who doesn't like to spend a day reading? Who doesn't like the smell of a new or old book? Who like me enjoys the feeling of the paper when while reading? I know we can read through the kindle or other digital way but I'm still belong to the old school as you can see in… Continue reading My favourite books


Vegan and Cruel Free

Hi everyone, Today I want to share with you something I bought and since that I have been using it non stop. Don't worry I will share with you all the places where you can find and buy this product. The product I want to share is the function of beauty shampoo and conditioner. This… Continue reading Vegan and Cruel Free


Bream Grilled with Potatoes

This dish is very easy to prepare, healthy and delicious. Ingredients: Potatoes; Bream; Garlic; Parsley; olive oil; Oregano; Salt; For the salad you will need; Lettuce; Red Pepper; Tomato; Cucumber; Chickpeas; Olive oil; Salt; Vinegar; Method of preparation; In a pan with boiling water, place the potatoes with the skin. When the water is boiling,… Continue reading Bream Grilled with Potatoes



Hi Everyone, Today I want to share with you an amazing place that I highly recommend you go and visit. This is the perfect place for those who like nature and good weather. I’m talking about Madeira. The first time I went to Madeira was in 2007, I spent most of my days visiting Funchal… Continue reading Madeira


My Favourite Fragrances

Hi everyone, I want to start this post with a big apology for being so absent but I just started my intensive care course, while also doing my main job and that consumes a lot of my time. Today I want to share with you my favourite perfumes. For those who don’t know I’ve a… Continue reading My Favourite Fragrances


The Rituals

Hi Everyone, Who knows this sentence, "The Purifying Ceremony for Body and Soul"? We can find this sentence in a presentation of the collection of one of my favourite products, The Ritual of Hammam. For those who maybe already know I’ve a strong passion for the rituals products. The first time I bought a rituals… Continue reading The Rituals


My Favourite restaurants in London

Hi everyone, I know, I've been absent but I promise I’ll be more active and bring more content soon. If you read the last post you know I like a good dish. So I decided to share with everyone my favourite restaurants in London. O Barros London – stockwell Well a Portuguese restaurant for those… Continue reading My Favourite restaurants in London