About me

My name is Joana Cordeiro, I was born in January 1992 in Porto where I lived until I was 22 years old. I’m now living in one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in the world, London (England) since October 2014. I consider myself a funny person, sociable and shy at same time, quite stubborn and very curious. I’m very picky about myself, and I do not like it when things do not go as planned. I always fight for the things I want.

I have a degree in Nursing from the Portuguese Catholic University of Porto, and I have been working in the area since October 2014 (since I started this adventure through her majesty’s lands), I’m currently taking a postgraduate degree in neonatology.

At the end of July 2018, I started this project as a Blogger. This project happened because, I really enjoy sharing the things that make me happy and that make me leave my comfort zone. In this blog you will find everything, from trips, to fashion, subjects that interest me and that can help other people.

I hope you enjoy this space as much as I do.21118531_i6euj