Hi everyone,

First, I want apologise for my absent, it has been more than half a year since a didn’t post anything year, but this couple month they have been a really challenge and I wasn’t with a “moon” to come and post. I think sometimes you just need time to understand what you want in life and what kind of think you really want. This quarantine make me think in life I don’t know if you felt the same and because of that today may will be my last post in english not only because give more work in structure all the text, but I feel I suppose write on my mother tongue that is Portuguese. Sometimes I feel that makes more sense, but I know only 10% of the world population or less will be able to understand want I have written. If I go forward to make a change let me know your opinion if its a good idea or not, leave your comment down below.

This post is to share the three books I have been reading in this quarantine. These three books make me change my opinion of diets and a healthy lifestyle.

The first book is “Equilíbrio Pleno” of Tamara Castelo. Tamara Castelo apart of writing books, she is specialized in Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM). Tamara have more two books published, the first one is “Curar sem medicação” and the second is “ Comer sem Culpa”. TCM is a natural way to treat some disease or help decrease some symptoms and use herbs medicine, acupuncture, massage and dietary therapy. I have learned with this book some off our healthy problems can be resolve just changing the way we eat, the way we live and must important TCM complements traditional medicine.

The second book is “Nutrição com Coração” of Ana Bravo. Ana have more books but was this one call my attention. This book is structured to make us stop and reflect. Reflect on our life, on our goals and how a food made with “heart” makes a difference in our life and in our well-being. I said a food made with heart, because is like this way Ana Bravo mention on her book. Love must exist in everything, and it is love that cause a sensation of happiness. Love for our family, love for food, cooking with love. Obviously, the author of book is an incredibly nutritionist, but it was not because of nutrition that she led me to buy the book and be curious about the book.  Ana Bravo suffered from stress, anxiety and that cause a state of burnout. Burnout is a problem that affect many people in our days, I mention more than half the world’s population suffers or suffered from burnout. It was the fact the author explains her situation and how I managed to get through this situation in her life without using medication that made me want to read. This book shows me the importance of stop to think, to reflect and the importance of meditation have in our life. Obviously, I am still in learning to stop and listening my self, stop and think and choose what really matters and to ignore what I can’t actually change. I recommend reading this book to everyone who is going through a more complicated phase of life

The third book is “+ VIDA + SAÚDE + TEMPO” of Doutor Manuel Pinto Coelho.  Doutor Manuel Pinto Coelho have more other book for example Growing Young as You Grow Old: The medicine of the future, I must confess I didn’t read this one but is on my list.  The + VIDA + SAÚDE + TEMPO, I did not finish read the book, but I am near that. This book just demonstrated once again that what we eat and the sedentary lifestyle just still some years and quality of life. Also this book give us some tips to improve our lifestyle, but more than lifestyle to improve our health and have more quality time in each stage of our life and demonstrate we are in time to change our life doesn’t matter if you are twenty years old or in your fifties.

These three books I mention I hard recommend. The only issue will be if they are translated to other language, but I really hope everyone can find them easily. I hope you enjoyed. If you already knew some of these books leave your comment down below 😀

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