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Nivea have Shampoo!!

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share with you some products I bought. I have been using all of these products for a month and I have a strong opinion on them. For those who live in the UK like me, you can find them online. Do not worry because I will share with you all the places where you can find and buy them and for those of you who live in Portugal you can find them very easily in any supermarket.


The first products I want to share with everyone is the purify micellar shampoo and the dry shampoo from Nivea. These two products I bought in the middle of December and have been using them since. The  purify micellar shampoo is a good option for those with oily hair like me. My hair now is oil free for longer, the fragrance of the shampoo is very pleasing and also it’s quite affordable, seeing that Nivea as everyone knows is a brand you can find in any supermarket.

The dry shampoo from Nivea was a pleasant surprise. Not everyone knows but I am a huge fan of dry shampoo and my favorite brand was Batiste more particularly Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Deep Brown and this dry shampoo from Nivea beat the Batiste and I will tell you exactly why.

First both dry shampoos have colour, both fragrances are delightful, although I prefer the Nivea ever so slightly, but the most important point for me is that Nivea’s dry shampoo in comparison with the batiste dry shampoo, does not leave any traces of colour in your pillow if you don’t have time to wash your hair before going to sleep and that is a huge plus for Nivea.

You can find these products online.

I hope you enjoyed. If you already knew or use these products leave your comment down below.

3 thoughts on “Nivea have Shampoo!!”

  1. I stopped buying Nivea since the ones made in Mexico contain MCI which I am allergic to. On occasion I find an MCI-free product and buy it. I really miss using Nivea products.


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