My Favourite restaurants in London

Hi everyone, I know, I’ve been absent but I promise I’ll be more active and bring more content soon. If you read the last post you know I like a good dish. So I decided to share with everyone my favourite restaurants in London.

O Barros

London – stockwell

Well a Portuguese restaurant for those who are far from our country is like an oasis in the middle of a desert! What makes the difference in this restaurant (apart from the food being a dream) is the quantity/quality and hospitality of those who work there. It’s a small but very cozy restaurant. Every time I go there, I always have problems in choosing a dish from the menu because I miss so much this kind of food that it becomes difficult when is time to decide. In terms of prices it’s the most affordable.


London – close from Angel station

For those who like Italian food, Santoré in my opinion is one of the best you can find in London. I’ve had the pleasure of trying more Italian restaurants and none can compare to Santoré. It is a small restaurant, very cozy. The food is divine and all the dishes are a delight. The prices are affordable but more expensive than O Barros, overall this is a good restaurant to go with family and friends.


ASK Italian

London – Close from the Kew Garden

Another Italian restaurant, ASK Italian was a good surprise. I’ve been there just once when I visited the Kew Gardens. This restaurant is a little different from Santoré because its concept is more quirky. The food is very good. I recommend that you try the lasagne, because its made from green egg pasta sheets and the pizza is also delicious.
This restaurant is very close to the Kew Garden so it’s a bonus if you are visiting that. It is a small restaurant, child friendly and for those sunny days they have a very pleasant outside space. The prices are affordable and overall this is a good restaurant to go with family and friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photographs of the dishes but believe me this restaurant is really good.
If you already knew any of these places leave a comment to tell your experience if not I recommend you go visit and try them out 😀

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