Pubs to Visit in London

Hi everyone,

I know, I’ve been absent but it’s for a good reason and if you read my other post you know the reason for my absence. Today I want to share with you three pubs that I think you should visit in London.

The first is The Dovetail, it’s a Belgian pub, which means you’ll have different beers and particularly Belgian beers. For those who are appreciate this kind of beer I strongly advise! It’s situated close to Farringdon Station which is very good because it’s close to transport. Another good thing is that dinner / lunch isn’t going to be a problem since the food is phenomenal. From the burger to the steak (the only problem is the steak is seasonal and that means you can go and not have it), past the duck and ending up in the famous fish and chips.
What makes this pub very good to me (apart from the food and the beer) is that the pub has character and details that are unique. So I highly recommend you to visit!


The second pub is the Ye Olde Miter but I call it the mystery pub, because it’s location is a “mystery” as it isn’t on a main street. This pub is located near chancery lane station, and as I have mentioned earlier it’s location is very quirky as this pub is really tucked away.
It’s a pub that is almost 500 years old, and when we go in we can see and feel its age. This pub is for everyone who loves beer, although I do appreciate a good fruit beer or a cider which this pub doesn’t offer a huge variety of. For those who like this type of beer that I mentioned earlier, go and visit because believe in me this pub is worth your time.


Third and last is the Cittie of Yorke which is also close to Chancery Lane not as hidden as the Ye Olde Miter, and is situated on the main road. It’s a pub with a lot of character, it isn’t 500 years old like the Ye Older Miter but it has realy tasty beers, but above all it has organic ciders and also fruity beers. I have tried the organic apple cider and I tell you it is very tasty. I really recommend your to go and check it out!





I hope you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take photographs of the interior of The Dovetail or Ye Older Miter.
If you already knew any of these place leave a comment to tell your experience if not I really recommend you go visit and enjoy every second 😀

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