New Products

Hi everybody,

Today I decided to bring to you some discoveries I did. Some make-up products that I had some curiosity to try. They are cheaper and we can find them in any supermarket or cosmetic store . All products were used in this look.

IMG_20180817_190155_924The first product I want to mention is the new eyelash mask from L’Oreal a waterproof paradise. I had already heard some positive comments about this mask and for the price I think it is worth it. It has been a non stop since I bought it. With only one application you can see the volume immediately, the eyelashes are more elongated and the most important is waterproof.

The second product is the L’Oreal blush Life’s A Peach Blush. It’s a very pigmented blush but still gives a natural/healthy effect to the skin, it also has a wonderful peach smell. It’s a blush that adapts to any skin type and skin tone.

21137257_4BntdThe third product is the L’Oreal’s inflatable Matte 24h foundation. It’s a foundation I’ve already had some curiosity to try. It is high coverage, matte and at same time leaves a natural look. This foundation became a favourite and on top it’s also cheap.

Finally and a surprise for me as I discovered this brand through the surprise box of birchbox, is an eye shadow but cream in the gold plated tone of Dirty Littled Secret Cosmetics. This eye shadow can either be used by itself, as a base or even highlighter. This eyeshadow comes like a pen/pencil style and is very easy to apply. I have used it constantly and I have loved it !!!

For those who want to know, the rest of this look, I also used the NAKED palette of Urban Decay color Buck, for eyebrows our friend Gimme Brow + benefit, High Brow Glow Brow highlighter benefit, from MAC the Soft & Gentle highlighter and a lipstick matte also from MAC in the tone Lady Anger.


I hope you enjoyed. If you already knew these products leave your comment.

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