Freeletics bodyweight

Hello everyone.

First I wanted to apologize for my absence, but as some may have noticed (if you follow me on facebook or instagram) my parents are here and for this reason I’m less active on the blog.

Today I want to show you an application that is calledFreeletics bodyweight. This application helps those who want to start physical activity without leaving their home and without having to use weights, just the weight of your body. This is also perfect for people like me who have some difficulty in creating routines or for those who don’t want to pay a lot of money to go to the gym.

The application adjusts to our goals, it also has a nutrition functionality but as I’m already being followed by Raquel Britzke’s wonderful nutritionist team I opted only to pay £ 1.15 a week for my personalized exercise plan. For those of you who want to try it out before engaging in a paid plan, it also provides some free standard exercises.

The exercises have a duration of half an hour and contemplates the warmup routine, localized exercises and to finalize the stretches to help your muscles recover. We can choose the number of times we want to practice exercises during the week and we can give a score to each exercise so that our “coach” can have a sense of the difficulty we feel in performing the different exercises. Another thing that also makes this app great is that for each exercise there are videos explaining how to to do it and how we should count the repetitions.

Below I leave some images of the application.


I hope this will encourage someone to try this app. If you try let me know your thoughts 😀

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